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Ask any device anything, anytime.

We fit in any device

Our tool sa.engine is completely OS agnostic and independent of other software. It is built for being embedded into, or integrated with other systems such as Android, MCU:s, AWS, Azure, HMS tag engine, Kafka, Event Hub, Tensorflow, and Matlab, to name a few.

Small footprint

Using a modular design, and based on advanced research, it also has a limited footprint with a size ranging from 100 kB to 5.2MB.

In its largest implementation, the entire sa.engine can run on the device, whereas the smallest implementation still allows full functionality when accessed remotely from an sa.engine running on a regular computer.

Altogether, this means that you can install our tool sa.engine on any device without adding any hardware or software integration, immediately making your product smart and ready for an intelligent dialogue in real time.

Ask your device anything, anytime

Our tool, sa.engine, contains everything that is needed for an interactive analysis of sensor data directly on an edge device, in real time. This contrasts with the current trend within AI and IoT, using the massive amount of storage and computing power of the cloud for analyzing data from connected devices.

The cloud-based strategy faces three major challenges—the cost of transmitting, storing, and processing data centrally in the cloud, the security risk when data leaves the assets, and the difficulty to build automated systems due to risks for interruptions and latencies when data is transferred to the cloud and back.

The advantage with edge-based analytics

The edge-based strategy represented by sa.engine addresses these three challenges by keeping the data on the device and by performing data analysis on the data stream in real time, without the need for uninterrupted connectivity.

Furthermore, being highly interactive, sa.engine allows you to upload any function of your choice, including financial models for calculating cost of use, on the fly. 

Thus, once sa.engine is deployed on your device, you can start asking your device anything, anytime. Without relying on the cloud.

You are in control

Most AI tools today require deep programming skills to create powerful analytical models. This means that you need to hire expert programmers or consultants who must be involved every time you change a model.

It also means that your domain experts such as product owners, engineers, data scientists, and analysts cannot access, adjust, or deploy models on their own, which in turn leads to delays in your product development and longer time to market.

Giving you direct access

In contrast, sa.engine is built with the engineer and the analyst in mind. It comes with a high-level query and analysis language and a Visual Anayzer, making it extremely simple for engineers and analysts to build their own AI models without the need for deep AI coding skills. The Visual Analyzer combines a graphical query editor and a responsive and interactive real-time visualization of query results, putting the product owner or the analyst in the driver’s seat.

There is also a tight integration with common spreadsheet systems such as Excel, making it possible to export formulas in financial spreadsheets directly into sa.engine. This allows your financial staff to make your products calculate and communicate any desired financial KPI continuously, in real time.

All in all, we are putting a tool in the hands of people in the whole organization, allowing them to change the way they do business. Forever.

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