2020-08-10 /
Stream Analyze welcomes Simon Evertsson

Stream Analyze wants to welcome Simon Evertsson who is joining our tech team, previously working at B3 Nuway Stockholm. Simon tells us a little about himself:

“I am a versatile developer who before joining Stream Analyze worked as a contractor in many different projects and organizations. My main area of expertise lies in the Android platform but I have experience ranging from GPU parallelization to web development and DevOps.

My focus these first months at Stream Analyze have included, but not limited to, improving the sa.engine Android API, working tightly with customers to develop OSQL-models on Android devices and working on the sa.engine Java API to improve its thread safety.

When I am not working I usually spend time with friends, family, a good TV-show or any new-found hobby. The latest hobby in the scope of my attention is photography.

The main reasons I joined Stream Analyze, besides working on an awesome product, is that I am allowed to be a ‘jack of all trades’. Some days I might delve deep into a tricky platform-native problem or create a new language feature. On another day I might team up with a customer to assist them in developing a model, while adding a new UI widget to our tools in the afternoon. Combine that with the opportunity of working together with colleagues who are industry experts, along with the start-up atmosphere and it was a done deal for me.”

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