2020-11-30 /
Stream Analyze welcomes Patrik Boccara!

Stream Analyze wants to welcome Patrik Boccara who is joining our business development team, previously working at Tele2 IoT, Kombridge and WirelessCar. Patrik tells us a little about himself:

A software entrepreneur at heart with a passion for doing international business in early and challenging stages – always on the forefront of technology development. I still find it fascinating, 30 years later, what an impact the Internet has had over our daily life and the world as a whole! During my professional career, working with Software, SaaS, IoT and Telematics, my focus have always been the commercial aspects of software development; in executive roles within Sales and Business Development. This is indeed also my role in Stream Analyze – a team I was impressed with already before i joined the company in 2020.

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