2020-10-10 /
Stream Analyze welcomes Mårten Svensson!

Stream Analyze wants to welcome Mårten Svensson who is joining our tech team, previously working at HiQ Evry and Combitech. Mårten tells us a little about himself:

I have worked for more than a decade as a consultant with assignments for different companies and in different roles. During the years as a consultant, I often worked in the area somewhere in between development and test.  This has led to development of emulation software and different types of test systems for the industry.

I now work as a developer at Stream Analyze, focusing on both the development of the sa.engine as well as developing user models. I have a strong belief that you get the best results in life if you have fun and get good challenges. The reason to join the Stream Analyze team was the opportunity to be at the absolute frontier of technology including AI and IoT. At Stream Analyze I get to work with really talented colleagues as well as getting fun and challenging tasks.

Since we are talking about fun stuff. I’m really passionate about training regardless of whether it is mountain biking around Uppsala or leading a fitness class at Friskis & Svettis.

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