2020-08-10 /
Stream Analyze welcomes Fredrik Carlqvist!

Stream Analyze wants to welcome Fredrik Carlqvist who is joining our tech team, previously working at IAR Systems. Fredrik tells us a little about himself:

After studying mathematics, numerical analysis, and programming at the University of Uppsala, I went on to make real-time databases for financial data, and stock market presentations for newspapers and the web. I also worked with 8-bit microcontrollers for audio effects in my free time and started implementing a C compiler for the Microchip PIC16, unaware that there was already a company in Uppsala making embedded C compilers.

At IAR Systems I first worked on the backend of the 8-bit PIC18 C/C++ compiler, and later the 16-bit MSP430, M16C, and RL78, as well as 32-bit controllers such as v850, Renesas RX, ARM, and many others. I also worked on the C math library implementations and floating-point implementations for many different architectures, and eventually moved on to the compiler platform. I was also building a synthesizer with an embedded interactive Forth compiler on an ARM Cortex-M4 controller.

As I already had experience with making a small, simple, interactive compiler and basically all existing microcontrollers, once on Stream Analyze I began work on a compiler for sa.engine, which is an interpreted interactive system. This is a special compiler in that it compiles the parts of a function that are profitable but leaves other parts for the interpreter. This keeps the compiler small and simple and makes it easier to support several architectures, x86, ARM32 and ARM64, as well as different operating systems.

Analog electronics, music and writing compilers have been the main themes of my life. The Forth programming language has also been a long-time passion, albeit only as a hobby. It possesses sublime beauty in its apparent simplicity.

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