2020-11-03 /
SA presenting at IoT Tech Expo: “Enabling New Ways of Working”

We have a great session lined up on the first day of the IoT Tech Expo, where our COO, Daniel Spahr, is presenting: ‘Enabling AI Everywhere. Opening up New Ways of Working, New Business Models & Ultimately New Ways of Living’. This session will explore:

● Why analytics and compute on the Edge will dominate the Cloud.

● How AI on the Edge is opening up new revenue streams and improving your bottom line.

● Time-to-market and continuous development of AI is crucial for success, requiring tools the whole organization can use as AI is now driving your IP.

● Practical use cases how large corporates are using Edge AI to transform their business.

Make sure to register for free to listen to this presentation! Learn more here and register here:  https://www.iottechexpo.com/northamerica/track/applied-strategies-for-the-iot-track/

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